We wished to create an luxirous alcohol-free wine range that can be really close to real wine, not sweet and easy to drink, more than one glass. The VinoSobrio range of alcohol-free wines are produced in Italy.

The wines have almost no sulfite levels, with an excellent pure taste, high levels of antioxidants and a very low sugar level. We choose not to add any preservatives to our wines. VinoSobrio wines is renowned for its fresh and delicate taste due to this new method of producing alcohol-free wines.  This wine is filtered using a special technique to ensure there are no remaining traces of alcohol in the bottle, without damaging the wine taste and it contains almost 70% times less calories than a traditional wine. Our wines are very suitable also for diet followers.


Birra Sobria


Our newest product a delicious and highly rated Italian alcohol-free craft beer! It has a delicate sence of malt and notes of citrus fruits. Certified 0.0% vol. alc. Of course the  de-alcoholization process does not modify the organoleptic properties of the beer. Our beer is also suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diet. Ingredients: De-alcoholized beer (water, Humulus lupus (common hop), malted barley), thickener Stabdrink B1. Carbon dioxide added. Bottled under protective atmosphere.