VinoSobrio alcohol-free Sparkling Rosé


Delicious and fresh alcohol-free extra-dry rosé sparkling wine. Natural taste and no sugar added.


Alcohol: 0,0 %
Calories: 9 kCal / 100ml
Serving Temperature: 6 °C
Grapes: Multiple Grapes
Country of Origin: Italy
Volume: 75 cl

This full of freshness alcohol-free extra-dry rosé sparkling wine offers a delicious impression of mixed berries with a beautiful pure rose color and long lasting fine bubbles. With its full-bodied rich fresh bouquet, it is well suited to all summer dishes including salads, pasta and desserts.

The wine is filtered using a special technique to ensure there are no remaining traces of alcohol. Our company chooses not to add any preservatives, as we prefer to pasteurize the product.

Ingredients: de-alcoholized rosé wine, grape extract, water, flavourings, thickener: stabdrink B1, carbon dioxide added. Contains sulphites from the derivating wine. Bottled under a protective atmosphere.

Energy value for 100 ml: Energy, Fat 0 g, of which saturated 0 g, Carbohydrate 2,34 g, reducing sugars 2,30 g, Protein 0 g, Salt 0,02 g.

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